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    A series of interviews from some experienced users. Each one has vast experience and they will be talking about their FID experience related to excellence they have achieved in FID through one character and position. Hopefully there will some good advice for those of us who strive to do well in FID.

    First up:

    Michael Cameron

    Michael Cameron character:

    Mike Carlisle, Goalkeeper for Hessa in ENG 1.


    Season 15 UK Cup Champions - Hessa FC

    Season 17 Called up to England Squad

    1st England cap (2-0 v Portugal) aged 26

    World Cup Squad - S17, S19

    National "Golden Glove" - S19

    How did you come to join FID?

    CUFC_Mike is to blame. It’s all his fault.

    What was FID like when you first started?

    Wow, that was back in season 6. Here was this new game t…

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