Legendary FC
Founded Season
Ground '
Manager ' Barney Stinson
Assistant Manager 'Louis Van Saam
Captain 'Jo Giosso
Final Position Season 19 '
Legendary FC is a French football club Playing in France League 1

Team :

GoalKepper :

Celian Sobert

Defenders :

23 Mara Kesh

2 Andy Adriano

3 Smuj Smujjer

43 Noel Egbeb

Flock Varanelli

17 Eric Di Meco

Midfielders :

29 Brendan Colleter

34 Chris Egleb

Jean Culasek

7 Flock Riberix

21 Rafael Soberto

10 GregoriTo

Forwards :

4 Eli C'estMou

11 Flock Pauletinho

38 Jo Giosso (Cap)

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